Welcome to the Moon Kingdom Podium.
This page is about opinions and ideas expressed about Sailor Moon.

The entire purpose of the internet is the spread and expression of ideas and opinions, especially ones that might not fit the grain against other opinions. I have never believed that my opinions should be a composite of other opinions, but that I should make my own mind, come to my own conclusions, and form and express my own opinions, despite of how other people may think and feel. Here, I will just simply present my opinions, along with the opinions that the readers bring into me. You will not see an image library, nor any other multimedia files. Just opinions written by me and other people who do submit articles to me. They may be about anything and everything about Sailor Moon, ranging from the NA dub and why you might love/hate it, to the nature of Haruka and Michiru's relationship, to the overall meaning of Sailor Moon, and the effects it has on our lives. I will censor nothing, but I do reserve the right to determine what will be published on this page, and what will not be published on this page.

Articles-submitted by both me and other people.

Submit-to read the guidelines to submit articles, and the email address of where you send them.

Last Update 9/11/2000: If you manage to view this page for long, you've noticed that I've finally recieved an article. Okay, it's a response to an article I wrote, but it's at least something. ^o^ Anyway, I know it's been a while, but at least I put something up. Just keep sending those articles, and I'll be convinced to update more often.

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